Disc Horn LOW HIGH Tone PAIR

DISC 12V Twin Terminal LOW + HIGH TONE Horns – High Quality


DISC 12V Twin Terminal LOW + HIGH TONE Horns – HQ

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Product Description

Resonance type Disc horns – HIGH tone + LOW tone available
Requires a 12 volt supply
Great replacements or additional horn upgrade
Can be fitted singularly, but for the best results and increased safety fit as a pair
Available in Black only
Easily mounted using the 2 layer sprung steel fixing brackets supplied (Prevents bracket failure due to vibration.)
Horn size approx: 90mm dia x 60mm deep
Bracket size approx: 87mm x 22mm x 1.65mm with M8 fixing hole
Electrical connections: 2 x 6.3mm spade connections (positive & negative)
Type approval: ECE (E1) and EEC (e1)
European manufacturer