2:1 RATIO Polyolefin Heatshrink Tube 2.4mm – 6.4mm


2:1 RATIO Polyolefin Heatshrink Tube 2.4mm – 6.4mm

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Low cost, flexible, irradiated, flame redardant, crosslinked polyolefin heatshrink tubing with a continuous operating temperature of 125°C

Its unique blend of chemical, electrical and physical properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications including electrical insulation, strain relief, cable bundling, cables & pipes.

Also suitable for electrical and electronic components and mechanical protection

Continuous temperature – 55 – 125°C
Shrink ratio – 2:1
Dielectric strength – 25kV/mm
Minimum shrink temperature +90°C
RoHS compliant
UL approved
Colour – Black, Red, Grey, Mixed packs
Supplied as 200mm lengths

Single colour packs contain 10 x 200mm lengths

Mixed colour packs contain 5 x Black + 5 x Red

Mixed size packs contain 8 x 200mm lengths – 2 x 4 different sizes (2.4mm – 6.4mm)

Inside Diameter (Before shrinking) Inside Diameter (After shrinking)
2.4mm 1.2mm
3.2mm 1.6mm
4.8mm 2.4mm
6.4mm 3.2mm