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11 Way Yamaha Omron Relay Wiring Loom Connector Plug with Terminals


Omron Relay Connector Plug

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Product Description

Original 11 way Yamaha Omron Relay Box connector supplied with 11 terminals
Manufactured from 66 nylon designed for use in a wide range of low level and power circuit applications
With positive locking, polarization and a high resistance to vibration and shock
Also used on other Japanese motorcycles

Terminals suitable for cable sizes 0.5mm² to 2.27mm² (20AWG to 14AWG)
Number of Rows: 2
Plug Dimensions (approx.):
Length: 26mm
Width 35mm
Height: 15mm

Supplied as 1 plug + 11 terminals or a bag of 12 terminals only

Additional Information


Connector with terminals, 12 Terminals only