Mini-Latch – Wiring Connector Set (2.8mm) – 6 way


Mini-Latch – Wiring Connector Set (2.8mm) – 6 way

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These connectors are the same locking connectors as found on many Japanese manufactured motorcycles / motorbikes such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki & Kawasaki and use 2.8mm blade terminals with latch.

Suitable for Repairs, Alterations, Projects and Restorations.

Supplied in a set of male & female housing plus terminals.

The terminals are designed to be crimped onto the cable/wire and then pushed into the housing. (The terminals could also be soldered, although the crimping tags would need to be removed or bent over to ensure the terminal will fit into the housing.)

A tab on each terminal locates it within the housing.

For cable/wire up to 1.5 sq mm

**Supplied with either Brass or Tinned Brass Terminals depending on current availability

The crimping pliers suitable for these terminals are the non insulated type and pliers for the insulated terminals (Red, Yellow, Blue) are not suitable.