Hella Type Plug to TWIN Sockets Adaptor (1 x Hella + 1 x Standard) 12v/24v


Hella Type Plug to TWIN Sockets Adaptor 12v/24v



Hella plug to one Hella / DIN Socket + one Standard Socket Converter.

CONTINENTAL/DIN Socket /Plug diameter: 12mm – 13mm Also referred to as HELLA or Powerlet type and most often used on BMW’s, Triumphs, Trucks and American automobiles.

STANDARD Socket / Plug diameter: 21mm – 22mm Most commonly used in the UK & Europe, and sometimes as a second socket in American automobiles expressly for DC power connections.

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Allows a smaller Hella / continental type accessory socket to be used by 2 devices with different sized plugs
  • Choice of 3 Cable lengths
  • Suitable for devices up to 10 Amps
  • Fitted with dust covers to prevent dust/moisture getting into the sockets when not in use
  • The Hella type socket is smaller than the socket commonly found in the UK and does NOT accept a standard plug (such as the ones supplied with SatNavs, phone chargers Etc.)
  • As this product is not fitted with a fuse, please ensure that any device plugged into the sockets are fuse protected


Please note that we do not recommend any converter lead for use with high power heating products such as kettles and ovens etc.