2 x Standard / USB / DIN (Hella type) Sockets – Marine Quality – with Twin Surface Mounted Holder


2 x  Power Sockets c/w Twin Surface Mount Holder



The CurvMount case is made of UV-stabilized plastic with a water-tight gasket and cover cap for the sockets, making it perfect for use with boats, caravans and motorhomes. These surface mount sockets are easy to install and can be mounted vertically, horizontally or underneath a dash.  Perfect for use outside. For use with 12V systems.

Supplied with 2 sockets of your choice, please select the combination you require.


Standard Socket – 12V/20A

The cigarette lighter type STANDARD socket (21 – 22mm inside diameter) will accept all standard and universal plugs (as supplied with SatNavs, phone chargers etc.)


HELLA Socket – 15A
This socket is also known as DIN, Continental or Powerlet type and has a smaller (12 – 13mm) internal diameter than the Standard. Often used on BMW’s, Triumphs, Trucks and American automobiles.


USB Socket – 2.1A @ 5V

The USB power socket features 2 x twin hi-power USB ports.
The USB ports allow fast-charging for ipads, smart-phones, tablets and other mobile devices providing 10W (2.1A @ 5V) (which is the same power output as you’d get from your mains wall charger at home.)
A blue LED illuminates the USB ports with a soft glow to indicate that the socket is powered.


The sockets are mounted in a surface mountable box using nuts that screw over the threaded bodies and are prewired together so simply need connecting to your power supply.  Power connection is via polarity-marked 6.3mm blade terminals.


The use of fuse protection is highly recommended.


Fixing screws and gasket are supplied.