12V Standard Accessory Power Socket + Loom – Choice of Cable Length / Mount


12V Accessory Power Socket – Blade Fused Loom – Mount Choice

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12V STANDARD (21mm inside diameter) Waterproof Socket (when not in use) with sealing cover to stop water getting into it and shorting out, as used in marine applications.

•Can be fitted easily to motorcycles, Quads, ATVs, Scooters, etc.

•Socket rated at 15A

• Socket can be fitted anywhere where you have enough room to accommodate a 29mm diameter hole and 50mm depth for the socket (the mounting plate is optional and can be fitted without) or choose the Mounting Bracket  option which is ideal for easy mounting under a panel, dashboard, cabinet or behind a fairing when you don’t wish to drill a hole or have insufficent clearance

•29mm Holesaw (with or without Arbor) also available in our Shop

•The socket will also accept any standard size plug (as supplied with SatNavs, phone chargers etc.)

PLEASE NOTE – The socket will NOT accept Cigarette lighter heating elements

A ready made loom (choose from 1.2m or 2m) allowing easy installation of the Accessory Socket

•Sheathed for extra protection and durability and fitted with 6.3mm blade connectors and 6mm ring terminals as standard making it ready to fit

•Fitted with an inline Mini Blade fuse holder (10A fuse also supplied)

•Replacement or alternative amperage fuses are also available in our Shop