Female Battery Charger Connector Lead with Hella/DIN Accessory Plug


Battery Charger Lead with HELLA/DIN Accessory Plug



This accessory plug lead is for use with leading brands of battery chargers (Accumate/Optimate) and allows connection to the smaller socket (12mm) as commonly found on Triumphs, BMWs, Motorhomes & HGVs

Makes charging the battery simple without the need for access to the battery

Simply plug one end into the outlet lead of the Battery Charger (usually supplied with the charger) and insert the plug into the power socket on the bike

The Unfused Accessory Power Plug is a Hella/DIN/Continental size for use in Accessory Power Sockets (diameter 12mm)

Choice of 4 cable lengths


Note – before ordering, please check that your socket is live when the ignition is OFF.