What is a fuse and why do I need one?
Fuses are a purposely-designed “weak spot” in an electrical circuit. A fuse works by destroying itself in the event of an overload or short circuit preventing damage to the wiring and equipment from excess current and thereby reducing the risk of an electrical fire.

Glass Automotive Fuses can be found on many older (pre 1980) British Cars particularly with Lucas wiring systems. They are generally available in two sizes – 5mm x 20mm & 6mm x 30/32mm, however we only stock the larger size as these are the ones found on many import vehicles, tractors, plant, and excavators. More recently they are now found in many cigarette lighter type charger plugs for Phone Chargers, Sat Navs, in car entertainment systems, etc.
A blown glass auto fuses is easily recognised by the broken fuse wire, though either a test light or a multimeter can also be used to provide an accurate check.