What is a fuse and why do I need one?
Fuses are a purposely-designed “weak spot” in an electrical circuit. A fuse works by destroying itself in the event of an overload or short circuit preventing damage to the wiring and equipment from excess current and thereby reducing the risk of an electrical fire.

Blade Fuses (also called spade or plug-in fuses), with a plastic body and two prongs that fit into sockets, are mostly used for automotive applications. Each fuse is printed with the Rated Current in Amperes on the top. We stock these fuses in two different physical dimensions: Mini (APM / ATM) and Standard (APR / ATC / ATO). Standard blade type fuses, also known as regular fuse, were developed in 1976 for low-voltages use in motor vehicles. The mini fuses were developed in the 1990s. Blade type fuses can be mounted in fuse boxes, in-line fuse holders, or fuse clips.