The cigarette lighter socket for automotive use was initially designed to power an electrically heated cigarette lighter but became a standard DC connector to supply electrical power for portable accessories.

Examples of devices that can be operated from a cigarette lighter socket include lights, fans, heated clothing devices, phone chargers, Satnavs and small motorized tools such as compressors for inflating tyres.

Currently, automotive vehicles may have a 12V socket that is intended only to operate accessories and that is not to be used with a cigarette lighter.

We stock two sizes and three types of Power Sockets and accessories – STANDARD, CONTINENTAL/DIN & USB.

STANDARD Socket / Plug diameter: 21mm – 22mm

Most commonly used in the UK & Europe, and sometimes as a second socket in American automobiles expressly for DC power connections.

CONTINENTAL/DIN Socket /Plug diameter: 12mm – 13mm

Also referred to as HELLA or Powerlet type and most often used on BMW’s, Triumphs, Trucks and American automobiles.

USB Socket – 12V to 5V USB charger specially designed for iDevices. It charges iPad at full speed of 2A and iPhone/iPod at 1A and is also compatible with other smartphones and navigational equipment requiring 5V power. The USB sockets are the same physical size as our STANDARD Sockets.